Blending capabilities at Pacon.

Pacon Manufacturing offers custom blending services for a variety of applications, from hygiene consumer products to surface cleaning products.

  • Materials can be charged by pre-weigh or an automated addition system for liquids.
  • Our blending facility is equipped with four jacketed (3,000 gallon and 4,000 gallon) mixing tanks fitted with turbine and side sweep mixing technology.
  • We also utilize smaller 400 gallon jacketed tanks with turbine agitation for smaller batches or pre-mixes.
  • Temperature ranges for water to the jackets are ambient to 200°F.
  • Mobile mixing tanks and day tanks are available and are also equipped with agitation, some with heated jackets, located at the wipes line.
  • Hygiene product tanks have the options of chemical or hot water cleaning and sanitizing.
  • We utilize a USP purified water supply system incorporating RO filtration and in-line conductivity measurement.