The world of nonwovens is constantly evolving. New ideas, technologies and challenges are always on the horizon. If you’re not constantly looking ahead, you’re immediately left behind.

Converting possibilities.

For over 70 years, Pacon has been finding and delivering creative solutions for our customers. It started with helping J&J create sterilizable paper for Band Aid wrappers and continues today as we engineer custom platforms that allow our customers to make the impossible – possible. Through this journey we have refined our processes, grown our team, and now not only innovate but operate a state of the art 24/7 manufacturing facility. So while we now regularly run 20MM unit orders, our passion to create has not been diminished. It is at our core, it makes us tick, and if you work with us you’ll find it’s actually quite fun. Ask one of our current partners.

A lot of companies can produce wipes and they are good at it, but we look at wipes as the means to the end. Wipes (or pads, or gloves or…) are delivery systems – and that is what Pacon produces. No rules, no limitations, just the best way to get your chemistry to the consumer. Let us deliver for you.

Watch the video to see Pacon in action

The right partner.

Virtually any non-woven idea can be achieved if you have the right partner. At Pacon, we do more than just converting — we collaborate with your team to create the ideal solution. And, the earlier we get involved the better. Many customers treat us as part of their R&D department for new products, brand refreshes or line extensions.

Whether you are a globally recognized brand or a Shark Tank start-up — we are 100% loyal to the brands we serve, NOT the retailer, so your development projects are completely safe with us.

From pilot lines to the production floor, we tailor our equipment and processes to bring your vision to life.

Our facilities include:

  • Over 180,000 square feet of production and warehousing
  • Pilot line room
  • Onsite blending & formulation
  • FDA / OTC / EPA registered
  • 23 dock doors
  • 24/7 operations