New product development.

Virtually any non-woven idea can be achieved if you have the right partner. We thrive on making the “crazy ideas” realities, even if others have said no. At Pacon, we do more than just converting — we collaborate with your team to create the ideal solution. And, the earlier we get involved the better. It sounds simple but we start with listening to your needs. We share our insights and experiences developing leading products that some said were impossible. Then, together, we create an action plan. No rules, no limitations, just the best way to get your chemistry to the consumer.

Many customers treat us as part of their R&D department for new products, brand refreshes or line extensions. We are entrenched in the non woven industry and have our finger on the pulse of what’s next. We are constantly innovating to create custom solutions for our customers – from material/substrate to shape to application process to equipment – there is no limit to what we can achieve.

We like to say that there is nothing we can’t execute here. From pilot lines to the production floor, we tailor our equipment and processes to bring your vision to life. For mature products we can help you overcome current challenges by designing, integrating and if necessary – building – the right equipment for you. For new products, the sky is the limit. Our first choice is always off the shelf, but we don’t limit your options.

We have over 180,000 square feet across two facilities filled with state-of-the-art equipment designed, integrated and often built by us. We operate 24/7 and regularly run 20MM unit orders. Whatever the need: wipes, pads, towels, drapes, liquids, compounding and dosing challenges, water activated treatments, combining multiple laminates into one web, sealing difficult materials, or the proper application of high-speed automation – we work together to get it done.