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Water Activated Skin Wipes for the Cosmetic Industry

Special Wipe
Special Wipe

Pacon Manufacturing was approached by a cosmetic industry client to develop and manufacture skin cleansing and conditioning pads. We began by developing the manufacturing process and the necessary machinery. Following this process, we built rotary sealing and cutting tools and designed 2 different non-woven materials which would make up the pads. After all the development work and a mini-production run to prove out the process, we started the full production. 1,000 pads were produced per minute and then stacked and placed in 5 different packaging designs.

The final pads were 3" in diameter and weighed 50 GSM. This entire process took 1.5 years from conception to completion.

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Project Highlights Water Activated Skin Wipes

Product Description Pacon developed the manufacturing process to produce these Water Activated skin cleansing & conditioning pads.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Development of Manufacturing Process & Machinery
  • Has to Apply 2 Coatings
  • Ultrasonically Seal Two Materials Together
  • Rotary Die Cut Shape
  • Design Work Carried out Utilizing SolidWorks
  • 1 Machine Line Handles the Whole Production Process
  • Goes Through 6 Robotic Stations w/ 2 Robots each
  • PLC Programming
  • Robotic Programming Provided by Adept Robotics
Tooling Manufacturing
  • Built Rotary Sealing & Cutting Tools
Material Design
  • Developed 2 Different Non-Woven Materials
  • First Ran a Mini-Production Run to Prove Out Process
  • Scaled Up to Full Production Run
  • Produces 1,000 Pads Per Minute
  • Places into Stacks of 22,24 and other various Stack Counts
  • Placed into 5 Different Packaging Designs
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Adept Robots
Overall Part Dimensions Diameter:  3" Ø
Two Non-Wovens of 50 GSM
Material Used Non-Woven Fabrics
Features Water Activated Chemistry
1 Side is used for Cleansing
1 Side is Used for Conditioning
Turn Around Time 1.5 Years from Conception to Completed Products
Industry for Use Cosmetic Skin Cleansing
Delivery Location Nation Wide Europe
Standards Met Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name Skin Cleansing & Conditioning Pads

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