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Company Profile Pacon Manufacturing

Company Profile Pacon Manufacturing Founded in 1949 as a Paper Broker, Pacon Manufacturing co-developed the first sterilizable paper used for wound care dressings. With this material in hand, Pacon transitioned into Flexo-graphic printing to serve the medical market place. These relationshhips grew in scope to include the converting and packaging of sterile towels, drapes, and dressings for medical procedures, markets we continue to serve today. In the 1990's we expanded our focus into the consumer products arena, initially as a copacker for Ponds Pore Strips. Bridging into the new century, Pacon commercialized the first "Water-Activated" cleansing formula, and used this technology to make an impact in the fast growing wipes market. Our customers quickly realized that our ability to react and create could help them get into new markets quickly with more than a "me too". Going forward Pacon will continue to use our Innovation and Imagination to develop and produce products to assist in the success of our customers and partners.
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